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Harmonus Dumond Family Record in Their Bible

On this page I have placed a photocopy of the actual family records in the Harmonus Dumond family Bible, plus my transcription of this data. I am also including the DAR transcription, plus a transcription of a newspaper account of the gift of this Bible to the Delaware Historical Society.

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The Harmonus Dumond Family Bible was brought to Pakatakan in 1763-64. This Bible is in the archives of the Delaware County Historical Society in Delhi, NY. It was transcribed by the DAR - but their transcription has several errors, which are corrected here. At the right is a photocopy of the actual page.

[Ja]nuary 31, 1761 Hormonus Dumond Was
[M]arried with Ginny Brink on Saturday
October 19th, 1761 Rachel My First Daughter
was Born was Baptized By William Helemus
Minister of Sopeus Cattern My Second Daughter
Born August 17th, 1764 Was Baptized By
[ ]ros Myer Minister of Sopeus
John Dumond Was Born February 18th 1767
[Baptized] By Fremute Minister of Leverstones
David Dumond Was Born March, 9th, 1769
[Baptized by] Pason Kook in Rinebeake
Anna Dumond Was Born February 21, 1771
[Baptized] By Pason Romine
Nelly Dumond Daughter of Hormonus
Was Born June 29th, 1774
Nelly Baptized Romine
Peter Dumond Was Born August 22
[1775 Baptize]d By Dull Minister
Peter Dumond Died March 9th 1778
Harmonus Dumond died August 26th 1778
Harmonus Dumond Jun born October 19th 1778 and [ ]
June 21th 1809

This is the family record from the Harmonus Dumond Bible.

Family Bible

A second loose page, transcribed by Richard Wakeman, for me reads:

"Harmonus Dunmond married to Mary Dumond June 31st[sic] 1799

Jeny Dumond Was born July 15, 1801 Baptized by Gushes Minister of Marvel town

John Dumond Was born September 11, 1803

Peter Dumond Was born February 22th 1801 [4 ?]

Cornellius Dumond Was born June [11 ?]th, 1805

Annie Dumond was born October the 6th 1806

Joshway Dumond was born December the 27th 1807"

The DAR transcription contains additional information, DAR Bibles, vol. 41, p. 132:

"This Bible printed in Dordrecht, Hollan, in 1744 is now owned by Mrs. Thomas M. Clarke, Winsted, Conn. She bought it of Dr. Allaben in 1887 for $25.00. The fly leaf of the Bible contains the following:
'Te Dodrecht Jacoben Hendrick Keur - 1744'
(It was the first Bible taken into Dela. Co.)

"Harmonus Dumond married Jennie Brink January 31, 1761

1. Rachel, b. Oct. 19, 1761, bp. Wm. Holemus,
Minister of Esopus - married Wm. Dumond

2. Catherine, b. Aug. 17, 1764, bp. Minister Myer of Esopus - married Jacob Van Benschoten

3. John, b. Feb. 18, 1767, bp. by Minister Fermute of Livingston, md. Catherine Shaver

4. David, b. March 9, 1769, bp. Parson Cook in Rhinebeck - md. Mary Delamaster

5. Anna, b. Feb. 21m 1771, bp. by Parson Romine (married Christian Yaple)

6. Nelly, b. June 29, 1774, bp. by Parson Romine (married Phillip Yaple)

7. Peter, b. Aug 22, 1775, died March 9, 1778
bp. by Minister Dull.

8. Haumonus, Jr. married Mary Dumond, June 13, 1799
b. 19 Oct. 1778 after his father d. 27 Aug 1778"

Un-named, un-dated Newspaper account of the gift of the Bible to the Delaware County Historical Society, found pasted in the center of the Bible.

"A Page From the Bible Recently Presented to the Delaware County Historical Society by Mrs. Katherine Keener, Teaneck, N.J."

"The Delaware County Historical Association received its first gift recently. It is the old family Bible, dated 1744, which belonged to Harmonus Dumond, one of the first settlers of Middletown.

"The Bible was donated to the Association by Mrs. Katherine Keener, principal of Hawthorne School No. 5, Fycke Lane, Teaneck, NJ.

"The cover of the Bible is wood covered with leather. There are heavy metal pieces on the corners and it is held with broken metal hinges. The pages are of parchment, 9x11 inches. It is much worn and discolored by smoke or snuff. Most of the printing is in Dutch but some titles are in English. Each chapter is started with an elaborate letter. Many of the names are spelled as we spell them but some are different. The pages are numbered on one side only, one number for each leaf.

"In a few places, two pages of explanations are in English type but Dutch language.

"The picture above is of the Dumond family record. It is found about in the center of the book. Harmonus Dumond was one of the first settlers of Middletown, then in Ulster County. He was shot by a colonial troop from Scoharie. Since he was armed, they supposed that he was a Tory, but he was not. He died three days later on the twenty-ninth of August, 1778. This book belonged to the descendants of the same family.

"There are double page maps with illustrations at the bottoms in the book. The page at the beginning of the New Testament follows:

Het Nieuwe
Alle Boecken des Nieuwe Verbonts
onfes Huren
Jese Christi
Staten Generall

in de Jaren 1618 unde 1619
Te Dordrecht
By Jacoben Hienrich Keur
A 1744"